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Charles River Adult Day is a family owned and operated business.
Charles River Adult Day is a private pay facility that accepts all forms of payment, including MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover. We encourage telephone calls: 781-828-9500

Overwhelmed? Exhausted?
  • Do you or your loved one worry about long term care costs?
  • Are you concerned about having the knowledge or expertise to be a good caregiver or receiving care?
  • Do you and your loved one know how to communicate effectively?
  • Are you or your loved one spending too much time alone?

Charles River Adult Day is your answer...Spend the day with us...

At Charles River Adult Day, we provide a safe, enriching environment for you or your loved one.  We offer a variety of services for adults in a community based group setting.  Charles River Adult Day also allows respite for caregivers, by assuring them that their loved one is cared for and safe.

Charles River Adult Day offers a wide assortment of activities to choose from during the day.  Clients are given the opportunity to design their own day and participate in whichever activities they prefer or suit their needs best.

We understand the need to provide quality services at an affordable price. The chart below displays the significant savings offered by choosing our Adult Day services in lieu of in-home companions , nursing home or eldercare facility options.

*Cost Comparison

*The above reflects a range of charges and should be considered an approximation.

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