Advising and Consulting Services

Let us help…..We Care… We Listen… We Understand

Relocation of your loved one
- Need to move your loved one closer to you? We can assist or arrange for a mode of transportation. We are also able to coordinate the transfer of information.

Evaluation of needed services - Learn about services and affordable resources that meet the individual needs of your loved one.

Referral and link to community resources - Save time and energy searching for service options.

Our advisory and consulting services are for both businesses and families and consist of but are not limited to the following:

For Businesses -

  • Eldercare placement and consulting
  • Independent/Nursing Home or Eldercare Facility consulting
  • Management consulting
  • Property Management consulting
  • Pre-opening consulting
  • Grand Opening consulting
  • Post open walk through
  • Consulting available:
    • By month
    • By day
    • Hourly
  • Projects from 1 person start-ups to 1000 unit dwellings

For Families -

  • We help families evaluate senior care options.
  • We provide information and personal guidance to caregivers and their families.  Our objective is to "hold the caregiver's hand" throughout the entire process of selecting a care facility or provider for your loved one.
  • We interview family members and the client personally. 
  • We evaluate and plan with you the best choice(s) for your loved one. 
  • Location and budget are factored into all plans. 
  • All personal information provided to us by clients via e-mail, telephone or correspondence is held in the strictest confidence. It is provided only to care facilities for evaluation purposes and is not shared with other third parties. We require that all contacts, caregivers and facilities keep client information confidential.
  • We provide each family with a list of options to consider based on our matching criteria and other factors.


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