For Your Loved One

• Do you have a family member that lives with you?
• Is your loved one not safe at home?
• Does your loved one need companionship?
• Do you need a respite from care giving?
• Is it difficult for you to get your loved one in and out of the shower?

If you answered yes to any of the previous questions then Charles River Adult Day is your solution.


Social activities and interaction with other participants in planned activities appropriate for their conditions.  These activities give clients the opportunity to socialize amongst their peers and provide them with companionship.


Door-to-door service will be available for those that require it. This service is handled on a case-by-case basis.

  Meals and snacks

Continental breakfast is provided every morning as soon as clients arrive.  Lunch is served in the dining room to clients in the afternoon.  Dinner is also available for those clients staying until 7:00 pm but will be served earlier.  Snacks will be provided throughout the day and are always available to all clients.  Hydration stations are placed throughout.

  Personal care

Our certified aides help with toileting, grooming, showering, eating and other personal activities of daily living.

  Therapeutic activities

At Charles River Adult Day we believe that physical and mental health go hand and hand and the activities provided display this attitude.  There are chair exercises offered to engage the clients physically and puzzles and discussions to enrich the minds of our clients.  Please see our sample activities list.  New activities are added or rotated weekly.

  “Time-off” from Care Giving

Charles River Adult Day gives you, the caregiver, a respite from the demands and worries that you experience every day.  From the time your loved one arrives at our center, you are able to relax and take care of your daily needs.  So, go get your hair and nails done, go run your errands, let us be responsible for the day.


It’s hard to admit that our loved ones may not be completely safe in their current living situation.  The risk of a stove being left on, someone wandering away or your loved one not knowing how to access help increases with time.  Let your loved one spend the day with us.
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